Additional Services

Forklift Haul Out

$100 per Hour
1 Hour Minimum

Haul Out, Pressure Wash, Block and Launch

$15.00 per Foot
30′ Minimum

Travel Hoist Survey Haul Out

$11.00 per Foot
30′ Minimum
One Hour Maximum. $100 per Hour thereafter.

Trailer Load/Unload Fee

$12.50 per Foot
30′ Minimum

Emergency Haul Out 24/7

$18.00 per Foot

Lay Days

$2.50 per Foot per Day
Maximum of 7 Days
Prior arrangement must be made for more than 7 lay days.

Sub-Contractor Work

$10 per Day for onsite Work
Sub-Contractor must provide appropriate insurance and obey marina rules.

Scraping Excessive Fouling / Barnacles

$105.00 per Hour

*Please Note: Any and all yard work is levied an environmental fee equal to the greater of $20 or 1% of invoice total.